When these sisters decided to form a trio and formally perform together, no one was surprised. They are “road” kids, born to a musical family. The result is fresh and transcends genres, to say the least. These girls comfortably venture into a contemporary sound with the ease of an arena act at 11, 14, and 18 years old. They clearly listen to a wide range of artists and didn’t get the memo that they can’t sing any, and all styles. Their ease and instant worship when belting out a hymn is so refreshing in a church culture that often ignores the roots of worship, the early hymns.

The style is various, but the message isn’t negotiable. These girls are as interested in a lyric as any adult artist I’ve ever spoken with. They are on point with their end goals, seasoned in stage poise and vocal ability, and with a great big God and a whole lot of work, these girls will be a household name someday.

The coolest thing about them is they don’t seem to be chasing fame, just Jesus. It’s extremely cliché I suppose, but that’s my take on them. Their musical bar is set very high, and listening to them is a pitch perfect example of iron sharpening iron. Hang on to your seats. These girls will blow you away. I look forward to watching them live out their musical dreams, it’s going to be quite a ride.

~ Brian Hudson

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